About Us


FOLSEC works with a team of over 20 years of experience in 2017 to report and manage cybersecurity risks on file servers.

The features offered by FOLSEC provide various contributions to customers:

NTFS Permission Reporting and Management: Customers can view permissions on files and folders in detail through FOLSEC's NTFS permission reporting and management features. They can prevent unnecessary or incorrect assignments of permissions that could create vulnerabilities. By centrally managing permissions, they can enhance file sharing security.

File Access Control: FOLSEC enables customers to control what actions users can perform on files (read, write, delete, move, change permissions, etc.). By maintaining detailed access logs, they can detect and prevent unauthorized or incorrect access.

File Type Analysis and Aging: FOLSEC analyzes the types of files in shared areas and reports duplicate files. By detecting file types and malicious files (such as those with ransomware extensions), it enhances customer data security. The file aging feature helps identify old or unused files, reducing unnecessary data storage costs.

Anomaly Detection and Risky User Reports: FOLSEC identifies potential threats by monitoring anomalous behaviors in systems and notifies customers. They enhance security measures by detecting unauthorized access attempts or potential insider threats through risky user reports. These reports provide customers with continuous monitoring and improvement opportunities for system security.

With these features combined, FOLSEC enhances the security of customers' file systems, controls data access, ensures data integrity, and helps minimize security breaches.

Customers can effectively manage data and strengthen corporate data security with FOLSEC's solutions.

"Everything you need for the security of your files"